The subtle ways in which people of color are marginalized are often more effective than those that are obvious. By pathologizing Blackness (“special issues) the mainstream media creates a firm boundary between those who are “normal” and those who are “special”–downwardly


Many people have a love-hate obsession with black people in regards to relationships, reproduction, family, politics, crime, education and any other part of human life. Most of the time, this bizarre fascination with African Americans, most of it is usually based on stereotypes and ignorance, reveal some things about the state of mind of the judgmental individual. Most of time, these people make blanketed statements based on – as usual – statistics. Those are the kinds of people who follow the numbers game in their lazy bid to turn the black population into a race of sub-humans unable or usually unwilling to be more like other races in America who – in their minds got their shit together. Non-black races in general are always compared with blacks, and the scales tip in favor of non-black Americans according to some.

Video blogger Jwriter4 (in the video above) pointed out that it reveals…

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