St. Patrick’s Day reaches around the world

Repeating Islands


Irish and the Irish-at-heart from Japan to Montserrat will raise a pint this weekend, as the CBC reports.

One of the few things Newfoundland and Labrador has in common with the Caribbean island of Montserrat is a special fondness for St. Patrick’s Day.

March 17 is not an official holiday in Canada — or in Australia, New Zealand, or even in the U.S. — where an excess of green clothing and drunken revelry is a tradition that predates the country itself. But people do get a day off in the Atlantic province, and on the tiny island in the Caribbean, where the date also marks the anniversary of Montserrat’s 1768 slave revolt.

The revolt failed, but the dual significance of the date turned it into an official holiday, marked by celebrations that combine the Irish and African heritage of its 4,500 citizens. The week-long celebration includes steel drum bands, a…

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