The Creole Choir of Cuba: An Unexpected Fusion of Haitian and Cuban Sounds

Repeating Islands


In a city that sometimes seems strictly divided along ethnic lines like Miami, one would hardly think that Cubans and Haitians have anything in common. But they do, and much more than they know. The Creole Choir of Cuba, in concert this Sunday in North Miami Beach, is proof of that, as Miami NewsTimes reports.

In what is perhaps one of the least-known chapters of the histories of Cuba and Haiti, waves of immigrants from Haiti made their way into Cuba, particularly in the central area of the island known as Camagüey, and contributed to the rich tapestry of Cuban music.

Cuban music in various incarnations, both from the island and from the diaspora, is at the center of another annual edition of Global Cuba Fest (being held through April 6), a musical series put together by the not-for-profit cultural organizations FUNDArte and Miami Light Project in South Florida.


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