At Washington’s GALA Hispanic Theatre, telling Roberto Clemente’s story

Repeating Islands


Roberto Clemente, the Puerto Rican baseball legend, played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and died at the age of 38 in a plane crash; he was en route to Nicaragua on a humanitarian aid mission. The Jackie Robinson of Puerto Rico inspired Luis Caballero, also a Puerto Rican native, to write and direct “DC-7: The Roberto Clemente Story,” named for the icon and the plane in which he was killed—as Jessica Goldstein reports in this article for The Washington Post.

“He was an activist,” said Caballero, whose latest production of “DC-7” begins its run at GALA Hispanic Theatre on Thursday. “He fought for human rights, especially for Latinos and African Americans.” Clemente played in the majors from the mid-1950s until he died in 1972. “He became part of this world and [he] defended minorities through his voice.”

Caballero signed on to bring “DC-7” to GALA after he stepped in…

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