A look at big migrant shipwrecks in the Caribbean

Repeating Islands


Major deadly shipwrecks involving migrant vessels from neighboring nations of Haiti and Dominican Republic, the Associated Press reports:

_ Feb. 7, 2012: At least 21 people killed and 30 reported missing when overloaded boat with migrants capsizes near Dominican Republic. Boat was trying to carry about 70 people from Dominican Republic to U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

_ July 27, 2009: Sailboat with estimated 200 Haitians aboard runs aground on reef and sinks off Turks and Caicos Islands. Authorities report 119 survivors, 15 confirmed dead and dozens missing.

_ May 13, 2009: Boat overloaded with about 30 Haitian migrants sinks off Florida’s coast, killing at least nine people including infant. U.S. authorities Haitian who allegedly piloted craft with human smuggling.

_ April 20, 2008: Speedboat carrying about 25 Haitians takes on water and capsizes shortly after leaving Nassau, Bahamas, popular waystation for migrants trying to reach Florida. Only three people…

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