Jimmy Jean-Louis: Bordering Excessive

This is revealing!

Repeating Islands


Thanks to Jo Spalburg for sending us “Bordering Excessive” by Jimmy Jean-Louis, in which the Haitian-born actor tells of his recent adventures on a sad journey crossing the border from Haiti to the Dominican Republic. For lack of space, I have only included excerpts; it is well worth reading the entire opinion piece. The most poignant sentence—“I felt that the soldiers were completely disrespecting these two human beings, even the fact that I had portrayed one of the greatest heroes of our time, Toussaint Louverture, did not give me enough courage to raise my voice”—resonated long after reading the article and reminded me of similar heart-rending situations in which suspicion and hatred undergird human relationships.

Having flown to Santo Domingo to attend the “Dominican Global Film Festival”, I came to the conclusion I was too close to home not to make a quick trip across the border to visit my mother…

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